About Me

My name is Liam Noone.

I am a fulltime Commerce student at Federation University.

I enjoy quite of lot things in life. My favourite activities are catching up with friends and playing rugby. The latter of the two has brought many exciting opportunities in my life. the most recent of those is the fact it allowed me to travel to the USA and paly a season over there. While I was there I met the love of life. So I am very thankful of what the sport that I love has given me a perfect girl as well as a great range of experiences.

I started playing rugby in Canberra but I really flourished when I lived in Ireland for 3 years with my family.

I have been blessed to do a lot of travelling compared to my peers and I believe this has left me a more balanced person with few things surprising me when people have contradictory views. It also allows me to play devil’s advocate in certain situations which is great to get a rise out of my friends as well as being able to see major social issues from more than one point of view.



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