“Search is in its Infancy” Marissa Mayer.

how_googles_marissa_mayer_prevents_burnoutAfter viewing the video of Marissa Mayer, I thought about this statement of hers.

After some careful consideration, I am in agreement with this statement. I tall comes back to the simple facts that not everything is online yet. With that said there is a lot of information online now, in terms of sorting it and finding it, this is where it has become more difficult with this explosion of information.

Looking at the smaller side of business and blogs, some people may be able to set them up but do not understand how to correctly tag them so they can be hard to find.

It took me 10 minutes about a month ago to find a short film on google because I could not recall then name. By the end I basically punched in all the information I could remember about it find it. I could remember the story and how it went but I could not for the life of me remember the name. Today we live in a society that is used to instantly finding and receiving information and many people would not have bothered spending the 10 minutes to find it. When I sent it to my girlfriend she was flattered by the effort I had put in, but before 2004 it would have taken hours, maybe even days to track the short film down because there was no such database for videos like YouTube, that had encompassed a massive amount of data it now does.

And while this is an improvement, we are still way behind in terms of small business that has little or no internet footprint. Until these businesses start recognising how important having a website and correcting tagging and referencing on said website, search will remain in its infancy.




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