The 6 Webs

Bill Joy talks about ‘The 6 Webs’ of our current lifestyle 10 years ago.

These are:

  • The near web, which is the information with a screen and keyboard.
  • The here web, which is laptops and wifi, smart phones, etc.
  • The far web, sit back style. Like TV, just sitting there taking in information.
  • The weird web, which encompasses using voice commands for a function from a device.
  • The B2B web, which encompasses business computers communicating exclusively with each other, and
  • The D2D web, which is a web of intelligent buildings and cities

There could be more, they are basically infinite possibilities. I think real question is what will they be and how are they different from our current webs. It’s easy to see our current webs expanding but it will take something revolutionary to create more webs outside of our current classifications.

For business, this is huge. We are already seeing companies on the front line playing with this technology to create a more seamless lifestyle which encourages us to keep going the same way we are, more connected yet less social. The ______ principle shows us this. As we become more connected, we become less physically social. Amazon is trying to utilise this fact as well as the fact people are becoming less social with their new supermarkets with no servers, you just scan your phone and walk in, pick up the items you wish to purchase and walk out with the items you took being charged to your amazon account. It’s brilliant in the sense that it gets rid of the servers and thus hugely improves profit margins for the business but it reduces human contact to such a point that talking to a complete stranger will be so foreign that everything will be done by webs and not by person to person physical communication.



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