Information I regularly disclose

I disclose most general information when asked for it under the appropriate situation. Such as at a bank, if I need to confirm my identify to them I will provide them with my licence then answer what my date of birth is or what my address is.

Whereas, if some random stranger came up to me on the street and asked for my birthday date, full name and home address I would be a bit more apprehensive about doing so. This is because I don’t trust the source I would be giving my information to.

The same thing should happen online. People should be asked to opt-in to giving their information to the website. It’s the same with uber and google tracking your location due to the mobile phone location services on the said phone. As a person, would should be notified that this is occurring, and not just buried in a huge terms of agreement that has a box next to it that the user can tick without reading a single word of said agreement. There needs to some express terms shown to the consumer so they know what they are just getting into rather than putting their entire faith in a company not to do something mean spirited in their agreements.


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