Week 4 Questions

1.Why a customer centric Web site design is so important, yet so difficult to accomplish?

It is important to make the customers experience with the website to be a smooth and sleek one. If the website is is not easy to navigate then the customer may be disgruntled and take their business else where out of pure frustration even if the website they’re on has the product they are looking for.

It is difficult to achieve because the task of designing a website is not easy at the best of times. When it comes to making a website sleek and easy to navigate even for the most computer illiterate customer. It requires lots of key words and a good search engine inbuilt into the website to link the customer to the product they are looking for. This task requires a lot of time and effort and probably a dedicated team specifically hired to accomplish this.

2. Define the term ‘presence’. Write an additional paragraph that describes why firms that do business on the Web should be more concerned about presence than firms that operate in the physical world.

Presence is how a business presents itself on the web. How polished their website is, how easy it is to navigate and how extensive and detailed the website is. It is the only impression the customer can gain from the company that they are dealing with.

Firms on the web have no way to convince the customer if the customer has a bad experience or first impression. There is no human element to the website of the firm. A brick and mortar business has employees that have charisma and charm to win the customer back over even if they are off put by an element at first. This is very difficult to achieve online with the same success rate because there is such a divide between the customer and firm.

3. *Usable Doesn’t Have To Mean Ugly ‘for a web design to be truly beautiful, it has to be functional, have purpose and contribute in some way to the website’s intuitiveness, usefulness and branding. All of these things contribute to the overall effect of a design’. This is a quote from one of the articles on web design linked on Web pages that suck. Find a web page that ‘does not suck’ and discuss the features that make it work.

https://www.unclereco.com/catalog/ is a good website.

This is because it is easy to search and explore. The layout is simple and is easy to navigate. The products on display are easy to see and the sizing charts are right next to the order quantity.

4. The future for business is around SaaS and mobile devices. What are your thoughts on this statement?

It’s true as far as I’m concerned. Our society, especially the millennials are less into commitment and want to be more flexible with life and subscription makes that possible. They are also more inclined to be on the go with mobile devices. They can use them anywhere and it suits their busy lifestyle, always on the go. The mobile devices are used more and more as opposed to desktop computers and other hardware that have to stay in one place by the majority of people. Unless the person is doing something that requires good specifications of a computer like design, gaming or video editing, most people can survive with only use a base model laptop.


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