Digital Market Questions – Week 6


I have had many experiences shopping online, mostly for products such as clothing and flowers.

I have had many good experiences using The Chivery to order clothes and miscellaneous items. They were always clear about what the pricing was, how much shipping was and how long it is expected to take to reach me.

The online store is well tagged so it is easy to search and navigate for a products you desire.

A bad experience was using a site one of my friends had recommended, I forget the name of it. It was just awful to navigate as well as underwhelming with products that were supplied.

The online store was just very hard to navigate if you were looking to browse or search for a kind of product. You had to be specific and exact with your wording to generate the results you were looking for.

An appealing store is easy to navigate and has a large amount of products that each have plenty of tags so ask to cater for a large customer base, sometimes worldwide.

One that has products that are no longer being sold but are still in the system as well as being hard to browse. An example of this, Lovell rugby do not allow you to just browse through all of their representative jerseys unless they are on sale, it does not allow for a broad search.

We should see a fall in prices of goods and services due to the migration of consumers online as more businesses are now dropping back to a strictly online business. This will reduce the demand for property locations over the long term, so reducing costs for brick and mortar business assuming the landlord is not greedy and is sensible.


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