My cell phone provider basically offers me to be able to purchase credit and data through my phone and use of a voucher or my credit card. There is very little outside of that nowadays. Although you can now purchase packages through other providers to watch sport live.


I generally recharge via  voucher on my phone.


Transactions performed on my phone are generally to recharge my data. However, on my laptop I conduct a lot of transactions. All are buying or selling products and organising the transportation of the products.


There are none missing that I’m aware of. If I wanted to, I could literally organise a massage therapist to come to my house whilst simultaneously ordering Griffin burger that will be delivered.


I don’t really mind as long as the advertising does not play with sound automatically. I will generally glance at them then continue onto my task at hand. If I do click on them, it is a website I have had endorsed by one of my trusted friends or have had previous dealings with.


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